Pro Breeze Evaporative Air Cooler
Pro Breeze Evaporative Air Cooler
Pro Breeze Evaporative Air Cooler
Pro Breeze Evaporative Air Cooler
Pro Breeze Evaporative Air Cooler


Pro Breeze Evaporative Air Cooler


Pro Breeze Portable Evaporative Air Cooler 6 Quarts

This Pro Breeze portable air cooler for room blows a powerful stream of ice-cold air into your room, home, office, or gym. It employs a sophisticated honeycomb filter that circulates warm air over ice-cold water. This low-cost and simple-to-use cooling system is ideal for rooms that do not require costly air conditioning.

Wide Angle Oscillation

The Pro Breeze Air Cooler has vertical louvers that can oscillate automatically. Circulate refreshing, cooling air around your room at a range of up to 70 degrees.

Humidification Mode

Not just an air cooler, this Pro Breeze swamp cooler can also function effectively as a humidifier. This is particularly useful in low humidity, dry environments, or if you have a lot of plants in your room that need a specific climate.

Energy Efficient

This Evaporative Cooling Fan operates at an energy consumption of 0.0065 kw/h, which is almost 100x more energy efficient than a traditional air conditioner. Save the planet and save money on your energy bills with this effective air cooling solution.

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  • The Pro Breeze evaporative air cooler fan uses innovative waterfall cooling technology to propel air through an ice-cold honeycomb filter. This arctic air cooler has a large 6 quarts water tank, 2 ice packs and can effectively cool up 200 sq ft.
  • This portable swamp cooler air conditioner is fully equipped to provide personalized cooling for the room, home office, or bedroom. It has 3 fan speeds and 70° oscillation, 3 different operating modes, including Natural mode Night Mode, and a timer, letting you set your room cooler air conditioner to operate for up to 7 hours.
  • Not just a portable air cooler for the room, this is a 3-in-1 appliance that can operate as an air cooler, a cooling fan, and a humidifier. On warmer days use it as an ice cooler air conditioner, on milder days use it in fan-only mode, and on dry days take advantage of the humidification mode!
  • Go easy on the planet AND your pockets this summer with the Pro Breeze evaporative air cooler portable. It runs at just 0.0065 kw/h, which is much more energy-efficient than an air conditioner, which runs at around 0.5 kw/h. Stay cool, stay thrifty and stay eco-friendly with our cooling fan portable.
  • Fitted with 4 durable caster wheels, and weighing a manageable 17lbs, this cooling fan for bedroom a/c can be easily transported to any room in the home. It is also designed to be stylish and unobtrusive, making it discrete and easy to store.





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