SilenceMAX Potato Chopper
SilenceMAX Potato Chopper
SilenceMAX Potato Chopper
SilenceMAX Potato Chopper
SilenceMAX Potato Chopper


SilenceMAX Potato Chopper

Tired of hard-to-cut veggies? Our amazing SilenceMAX Potato Chopper lets you chop in seconds!

sweet potato cutter

When it comes to the proper methods for how to cut vegetables, not all plants were created equal. Some veggies slice easy as pie, while others are very tough nuts to crack.

Make delicious fries in your own kitchen with this handy potato slicer.

With our SilenceMAX Potato Cutter, all you have to do is put in a potato and press the handle. The potato slicer’s stainless steel blades go right through beets, turnips, and other vegetables too.

potato slicer

The unit attaches to your counter top with a suction cup for stability and convenience. Two blades for thick or thin cut fries.

The ergonomically designed handle not only makes the cut work safe but also effort-saving.

With our SilenceMAX Potato Cutter, you can quickly cut two sizes of potatoes into rectangular pieces. They are ideal for making different sizes of French Fries.

potato dicer


Great for home or restaurant
Cuts a variety of vegetables
Very easy to use

Sturdy legs provide more stability while mounting the cutter on any flat surface.


👉 Versatile tool is great for making snack portions of Potato, Zucchini, Carrots, Cucumbers, Yams, Apples and more.

👉 Easy to clean! Reassemble and rinsing it with soapy water, then let it air dry. It can be folded when not used, so occupies little cupboard space.

👉 NO force, just a quick, clean and painless motion on the handle. No strain! Great for cutting other veggies such as cucumbers, zucchinis and more! Your diet has just gotten fancier!

👉 The blades are easy to change. Easy wash and maintenance ensure long lasting service. Your Fry Cutter comes with a set of grids to adjust the vegetable cut to your size preference.


✓ Stainless steel blades
✓ Suction cup base
✓ High quality