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The all-round Sleep Pillow will cradle your head and neck by evenly distributing the weight of those body parts throughout your pillow. For almost all sleepers, this will improve your comfort level, and thus help you sleep. It has an ergonomic egg groove design and is definitely the softest and most comfortable pillow ever designed. Have that much needed rest after a very long day!


• SOFT AND COMFORTABLE: With All-Round Sleep Pillow, you'll more likely feel like you're set it down on a soft cloud of comfortable material that can cover your head, neck, and shoulders throughout the night.

• ERGONOMIC EGG GROOVE DESIGN: Resulting in the groove in the center it keeps and supports your head and neck at an ideal height for sleep. Meanwhile, the higher curves that surround this groove will help your head and neck in this ideal position so that they don't wiggle over and become stiff or sore.

• BREATHABLE: This Sleep Pillow is so well-ventilated that it won't make you hot and sweaty while you sleep. You may not feel the urgent need to hurry to the shower and wash off excess sweat like that is something you normally do.

• SLEEP IN ANY POSITION: It is not necessary that you stay on your back, as the pillow will accommodate side sleepers and stomach sleepers, too. After you've laid and chosen your sleeping position, the pillow will begin to gently conform to the shape of your head and upper body.

Size : L.
Product : All-round Sleep Pillow
Type : Health Care Pillow
Type2 : Orthopedic Neck Pillows
Type3 : Egg Pillow

1 x Pillow Egg